Friday October 6, 2023
8.00 Registrations
8:45 Welcome
S. Mönig – President of the Congress 
A. Geissbühler – Dean of the Faculty of Medicine University of Geneva
9:00 Innovations in gastric cancer – session 1
Chairs: M. van Berge Henegouwen, P. Schneider, P. Kolodziejczyk

Morphology and molecular – F. Renaud
Microbiome in gastric cancer – V. Strong
Endoscopic innovations in diagnostic and treatment – O. Pech
Robotic innovations – F. Roviello
Laparoscopic innovations – S. Gisbertz
Interaoperative Imaging (Indocyanine green, Fluorescence etc.) – H.K. Yang
News about imaging technics – M.A. Mazzei
PIPAC – C. Eveno
10:50 Coffee Break
11:05 Adenocarcinoma of the EG Junction – European perspective after Yokohama Consensus
Chairs: W. AllumA. Hölscher – G. De Manzoni – Y. Kitagawa

Yokohama consensus paper – Y. Kitagawa 

European panel discussion  
Endoscopy – G. Piessen, O. Pech, J.L. Frossard, D. D’Ugo, S. Schoppmann
Surgery – M. van Berge Henegouwen, R. Rosati, , S. Mönig, R. van Hillegersberg, 
P. Grimminger, A. Davis
Multimodal treatment – S. Lorenzen, P. Schneider, B. Wijnhoven, M. Moehler, A. Durham
12:30 Lunch

Video Session 
F. Berlth, S. Giacopuzzi, M. Jung, M. Schäfer
Maurizio Degiuli Best Video Award
13:30 Minimal invasive surgery oesogastric cancer
Chairs: J. Reynolds  – R. Rosati – P. Kassab – E. Cheong

Results from European trials – H. Hartgrink 
Technical limits and realistic indications for gastrectomy and extended gastrectomy – S. Giacopuzzi
Eastern view – T. Sano
View from North America – M. Karpeh
Towards standardization in robotic gastrectomy (technical aspects) – P. Grimminger
Robotic gastrectomy evidence, if there is one – H.K. Yang
15:00Coffee Break
15:15 Complications – prevention and management 
Chairs: M. Pera , P. Matos Costa , H.J. Meyer 

GASTRODATA : results of the new studies – G.L. Baiocchi
Treatment  strategy anastomotic leackage – H.J. Chon
Treatment strategy duodenal stump leackage – W. Kielan
Treatment strategy pancreatic fistula – S. Piccionni
Treatment strategy for internal hernias after minimal invasive approach – S. Preston
16:45Oligometastatic disease
Chairs: M. Moehler –  T. Götze – M. Terashima 

OMEC project – R. van Hillegesberg 
Bertinoro Consensus:  no more a foggy landscape – P. Morgagni  
Meta-Gastro: what we have from a prospective observational registry – G. Tiberio
Peritoneal spreading: cosmetic cleaning or effective treatment – W. Polkowski
MSI, PDL-1, HER2, Claudin 18.2: which influence on treatment strategy – F. Pietrantonio 

Poorly cohesive Cancer Working Group 
Chairs: G. de Manzoni – F. Carneiro – H. Grabsch 

The distinct therapeutic pathway for PC tumors craftsmanship or evidence? – G. Piessen
Tumor microenvironment in PC GC subtype – M. Vieth
PC and peritoneal carcinomatosis: how to go on with knowledge? – R. Langer
Saturday October 7, 2023
08:00European Chapter and Gastro- Data Meeting 
Chairs: S. Mönig  – F.  Roviello – T. Sano – G. Baiocchi

News from European Chapter and next congress – S. Mönig
The future of the European PC Working Group – M. Bencivenga
REMARCS and trial proposal – F. Berlth / M. Chevallay
UGIRA projects – R. Van Hillegesberg
Benchmarcing study gastrectomy  – F. Berlth
JCOG Cooperation – M. Terashima
Gastrodata: future horizons – G. de Manzoni                       
10:00 Coffee Break


Poster Session I
Y. Borbely, O. Huber, J. Weindelmayer, G. Schumacher
Best poster prize
10:30Immunotherapy (Sponsored by BMS)
Chairs: S. De Dosso, T. Koessler, S. Lorenzen

State of the art and innovations – M. Moehler
11:00Innovations in gastric cancer – session 2
Chairs: P. Puolakkainen, M. Terashima, I. Gockel 

New frontiers of multimodal treatment – S. Lorenzen
New aspects of nutrition in oesogastric cancer treatment – R. Caccialanza
Organ preservation strategy – B. Wjinhoven
Teranostic / Liquid Biopsies / c Dna – N. Van Grieken 
Claudin-18 story – S. Dosso


Poster Session II
E. Bollschweiler, I. Fournier, M. Chevallay, J. Feilchenfeld 
Best poster prize
13:30European Chapter IGCA – Treatment Recommendation 
Chairs: S. Mönig – H. Hartgrtink – G. De Manzoni – S. Markar

Clinical Staging:  Indications and Clinical Question – M.A. Mazzei  –  J.L. Frossard –  S. Seewald – D. Marrelli
Surgery in gastric cancer : Indications and Clinical Question – D. D’Ugo – P. Grimmiger – S. Gisbertz – H.J. Meyer
Oligometastatic: Indications and Clinical Question – G. de Manzoni –  R. Van Hillegersberg –   S. Lorenzen – F. Pietrantonio
Target Therapy and immunotherapy: Indications and Clinical Question – M. Moehler – S. De Dosso – D. Wagner –  M. Bencivenga
Follow up and survivorship – M. Chevallay – G. Baiocchi – I. Göckel – P. Schneider
15:30End of the congress